A new Russian inspired Collection


This collection has been inspired by Russia, it brings together the nostalgic nationality with its own modernism. Many features were taken from details such as St. Vasiliy cathedral's domes, the Winter Palace or the Moscow Evolution Tower. I've made the national flower motives with a bit of a modern twist combining sequins, strass and beads. The cold and plain sight of nature especially down to north has motivated me to mix the delicate and soft fabrics with soldi and rigid materials. An ongoing opposites are seen through-out the collection as in colours and shapes, and even in the materials. The orthodox qualities are also imbeded in the details along with their modern architecture of complicated lines and sewing techniques. 


This collection was my very first attempt to debut myself on the Russian Ball in March (2019). The collection can be pre-ordered with the exact same look or it is even up for alteration not just in size but style and shape as well! The price depends on the order's nature. 







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