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Hi, I am Judit, I want to be fashion designer...

I have created this blog to promote my fashion brand, and to share my point of views on travel, lifestyle, and fashion. My goal is to be able to provide more people with my designs, T.R.I.S. will develop into a brand that stands for a lot of women who are in my shoes. We have complex personalities, most of the women have many alter-egos, and every day is a new challenge to dress according to our mood and present our style depending on that specific moment. I want to create a platform where you do not have to go from shops to shops to buy your wardrobe. Instead, I want to have this all in one, where you can find all of your personalities, from businesswoman to sassy, from tomboy to feminine. As my idea is still taking the baby steps, I am open to your opinions, to your comments, and the service I offer is whatever I can help you with. T.R.I.S stand for "The rest is secret", the idea was a difficult birth, but rather a personal one. I believe that every story has two sides, all that we are, and what surrounds us is entirely unknown even if we try to explain and find definitions for everything, as you can guess it has a philosophical inspiration from my part. And as a majored artist what I have always struggled with, is to give a title to my artworks. I felt that labeling my work limits the potential of that art. And I did not want to label my designs with something that can define its outcome, and that is why I have chosen this name that gives away something, however, to find out what is beneath the layers is a secret, that you need to find out according to your perception. 


Welcome to my secrets and enjoy the ride!


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